Diagnosis & emergency Treatments

Initial Diagnosis and Examination incl 2 small x-rays from £50.00
Routine Examination from £30
X-rays £10.00 per radiograph
Same Day Emergency Consultation from £50
Extractions from £120



Standard Visit from £55.00 per 30 minute session
Extended Visit from £75
Air flow dental cleaning from £70


Restorative Treatments

Amalgam Filling from £70
White Bonded Composite fillings from £80
Anterior composite build ups from £200
Porcelain Crown / Veneer from £450
Post / Core Foundation from £80
Bridge per Unit from £450
crown lengthening from £300


Root Canal Treatment

Incisor Canine from £250
Premolar from £250
Molar from £350


Cosmetic Treatments

Home Tooth Whitening from £350



Extractions from £120
Partial Acrylic from £375
Partial Chrome-Cobalt from £850
Valplast from £650
Full Upper and Lower Complete Acrylic from £800



Free Consultation at Wapping Dental Centre
Call 0207 481 1013 to book your appointment


Orthodontic Treatments

Free Consultation at Wapping Dental Centre. Call 0207 481 1013 to book your appointment
We also have several finance options to help you spread the cost of your treatment. Please ask for further details.



For the latest NHS banding charges, please check the NHS website: here.