Independant testimonials from the NHS Choices website

"The service is first class and the staff are incredibly helpful and professional. This place cured me of my phobia of dentists and despite having to have a number of procedures over a month-long period they were able to work around my schedule and get it all done in a short space of time. Highest possible recommendation."

"The dentisit spoke to me one on one and gave me some great advice. They really cared and put me at ease. I haven't been to the dentist for over 10 years and I'm really glad I went to this one. "

"They are accepting NHS patients and were very clear on pricing. They were very pleasant and friendly and offered a very good level of care. "

"I asked a number of questions and raised a few concerns (I have just recovered from a gum infection) - all my queries were answered exhaustively. Will definitely be coming back here again and wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who works here."